Oil & Gas Era
Jan 2011
Change name Petrol One Resources Berhad

Transformation of its core direction to Oil & Gas

Aug 2010
Acquisition remaining 37% equity interest of Arus Dermaga Sdn Bhd
Aug 2010
Disposal of the entire equity interest in Changhuat Plastic Industries (Senai) Sdn Bhd and Changhuat Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd
Dec 2009
Fuel Storage Contract with Coastal Oil Limited Private Limited
Nov 2008
Disposal entire interest in Heng Huat Plastic (S) Pte. Ltd
July 2008
Acquisition 63% of interest in Arus Dermaga Sdn Bhd
Year 1996
Set up Heng Huat Plastic Industries (S) Pte. Ltd in Singapore
Year 1996
Set up Changhuat Industries (Rayong) Co. in Thailand
Year 1995
Changhuat Corporation Berhad was founded in Johor Baharu.

Principal activities are investment holding and provision of management services to the subsidiaries. Through its subsidiaries, Changhuat Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd and Changhuat Plastic (Senai) Sdn Bhd engaged in the manufacturing of plastic injected molded components and parts.

Plastic Era